Working together to build a forest community industry


The specific objectives of the Lac-Saint-Jean Model Forest (LSJMF) are to pool everyone’s expertise and knowledge in order to find common opportunities for developing and enhancing forest resources so that we can continue to benefit from the forest in other ways.

The objective of the LSJMF, which brings together stakeholders in the regional county municipalities (MRCs) of Domaine-du-Roy and Maria‑Chapdelaine as well as the Lac-Saint-Jean Montagnais Council, is to harmonize the uses made of forests. According to the administrators of the Lac-Saint-Jean Model Forest, it is utterly absurd to believe that there is only timber in the forest. Instead, they believe that all components of the forest, such as timber, non‑timber, wildlife, natural and cultural resources, form a single forest community and consequently there is a rationale for establishing a forest community industry. The LSJMF administrators therefore invite all economic, social, ecological, community, institutional and cultural players in the area to work together to create benefits for forest communities. 

The LSJMF functions as a forest community laboratory for research and development activities and projects that may lead to new models for developing forest community resources and sustainable jobs.

As a result of the research, experimentation and communications activities that LSJMF employees carry out jointly with LSJMF partners, tools, knowledge and skills are being developed to help communities promote and incorporate new practices and be innovative in their development of their forest lands.